Lead Generation

The Cost of getting your Lead Generation Wrong

Ever got excited about a lead, and found the prospect has forgotten why they have said yes to the meeting?

Or perhaps you’ve joined a call and the prospect isn’t really that interested, they are just looking to kill an hour?

Well.. you’re not alone.

The biggest bit of feedback we hear when speaking to companies lead gen experience, is that the return simply doesn’t match the investment made.

Often when people are dipping their toes into the lead generation pool, they will go after cheaper options to “try before they buy”.

Traditionally when it comes to using a lead generation agency, there has always been a huge focus on Cost per Lead (CPL) and the volume of meetings coming over.

Now whilst these are still important, companies that see ROI from outbound focus primarily on metrics such as SQL and Opportunity creation.


- Sales resource is expensive, you want your team to be focused on the right meetings within the right accounts.

- With the use of diverse channels such as the channel, inbound marketing, you need your reps to treat outbound generated leads with the same respect.

- With companies now seeing a dip in customers reaching out to them, outbound needs to yield ROI.

If you’ve experienced 2 or more of the below, it probably means you’ve spent money on an activity that hasn’t reaped the rewards you wanted.

o   Quantity over Quality

o   Generic cookie cutter approach for every client

o   Limited investment in team skills

o   Built for fast turnover and churn

o   Feedback and changes are reactive

So, how do you avoid this in future?

Look for an agency that:

- Has a credible customer list that fits into your sector

- Offerings outside of just booking a meeting i.e. GTM advice, networking opportunities, data and intelligence to bolster your direct sales/marketing initiatives.

- Guarantees in place to re-risk spend (and ensure you have a safety net + minimum ROI).

- Proactive communication and a service wraparound to ensure a solid partnership.

 If you’re not completely scared off by lead generation agencies and would be open to hearing EngageTech’s approach, get in touch below.

Otherwise, take a closer look at what Cloudar has experienced here.


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