Managed SDRs

Build a pipeline generating machine

Partner with EngageTech to build a highly effective SDR team of your own.

EngageTech has helped us to expand our business into the UK within a relatively short amount of time. Working with EngageTech has proven to be an excellent partnership with evident ROI.”

Tal Sella, VP Sales at Powermat Technologies
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High-performance teams

We’ll help you find and train the best reps for your business.

Expert-led process

Leverage our expertise hiring and training highly effective SDR teams.

Long-term support

We provide ongoing training and software to support your team.

Create a team of in-house SDR all-stars

Our managed SDR service is perfect for businesses that want to own their SDR function now and in the future.

We’ll help you hire, train and support a high quality SDR team that will quickly start generating leads for your sales team.

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A proven approach to SDR success

By working with EngageTech you take the guesswork out of building an in-house SDR team. 

We have decades of experience training and supporting world-class SDRs. We know how to build a team from scratch, whatever your business.

We worked closely with their team to constantly refine this project, the callers were very attentive and brought great ideas to the table. The meetings they set for us were excellently qualified, we met the right people, all being well briefed on our offering beforehand harbouring an active interest.”

Tal Sella
VP Sales at Powermat Technologies

Accelerate your time to market

Building an SDR team from scratch can be a slow and risky endeavour. Move fast and with confidence instead.

Steal our proven frameworks and lean into our expertise to de-risk the process and get your SDR team up and running in a fraction of the time.

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Power your team with Sales Intelligence

Use EngageTech’s Sales Intelligence Platform to give your teams access to the best B2B database of tech buyers on the market. 

Powered by over 50,000 weekly calls, it will help your team find the most active buyers in your target accounts and how best to contact them.

Want an SDR team of your own?

Partner with EngageTech to build a highly effective SDR team from scratch.