Outsourced SDRs

Highly trained SDRs that drive results

Plug-and-play SDR teams that deliver you a predictable flow of qualified opportunities, fast.

The SDRs were very attentive and brought great ideas to the table. The meetings they set for us were excellently qualified, we met the right people, all being well briefed on our offering beforehand harbouring an active interest.“

Tal Sella, VP Sales at Powermat Technologies
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Access expert SDRs

Hire a highly trained team of outbound prospectors to find and qualify leads fast.

Enter new markets

Launch an SDR function in a new market without any downtime.

Supplement outbound efforts

Scale your existing SDR efforts as and when required.

Unlock new opportunities, new markets and new revenue

For over a decade, we have been booking meetings, opening opportunities and driving pipeline for our B2B clients selling into IT and Technology buyers.  

Our global team of highly trained SDRs can plug into your existing go-to-market efforts and start generating qualified opportunities in a matter of weeks.

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Your markets, your message

Give our team a set of target accounts or let them prospect openly in your target markets, leveraging our Sales Intelligence Platform and proprietary dataset of in-market accounts and buyers.

SDRs receive in-depth training on your product and messaging so they can represent your company in the best way possible and truly become an extension of your team.

EngageTech has helped us to expand our business into the UK within a relatively short amount of time. Working with EngageTech has proven to be an excellent partnership with evident ROI and we would gladly recommend them to any other organisation.”

Tal Sella
VP Sales at Powermat Technologies

Insight-packed opportunities ready
to close

Every qualified opportunity our SDR team creates comes packed with detailed insights and is seamlessly passed over to your sales team to pickup the conversation.

Our team takes time to understand the prospect’s pain points and qualifies their budget, role and propensity to buy. 

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Looking for predictable, qualified opportunities?

Our plug-and-play SDR teams deliver a predictable flow of qualified opportunities into your pipeline.