How to prospect in a tough market
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How to prospect in a tough market

Don't settle for mediocre sales team performance in a tough market.

In this insightful webinar, join sales experts Georgia, Paul and Robin as they discuss the key strategies and tactics to master sales prospecting in challenging times.

As the business landscape evolves rapidly, top-performing sales reps understand the importance of refining their approach and focusing on quality over quantity.In this webinar, you'll discover the secrets to adapting your sales process for success, whether you're facing economic downturns or shifting market dynamics. Learn how to leverage technology without losing the human touch, and how to build genuine connections with your prospects.

Georgia, Paul and Robin share valuable insights on how to identify your target market, engage with ideal customers, and create a sales strategy that delivers outstanding results. They emphasise the importance of accountability, action, and discipline in becoming an elite sales representative.

In this power-packed webinar, you'll unlock the secrets to:

  • Supercharging your outbound sales team's performance: Discover proven tactics to ignite your team's productivity and leave your competitors in the dust.
  • Igniting motivation and fostering a culture of hard work: Learn how to inspire and motivate your reps, creating an unstoppable force driven by a shared vision of success.
  • Cultivating collaboration and boosting conversations: Uncover ingenious ways to engage the right companies, fuelling meaningful conversations that pave the way to hitting your targets.
  • Unleashing the full potential of your team: Gain expert training and management tips that will unleash the hidden talents of your team members, propelling them towards extraordinary success.


Paul McCarthy
VP Sales
Robin Burr
Sales Therapist, Sales Coach, and SDR Trainer
Georgia Kirwan
Head of Sales

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How to prospect in a tough market

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