Hitting the Mark: Dialling Into SDR Success

SDRs celebrating success

Dialling, the bread and butter of any SDR, right? But ever find yourself wondering if your relentless phone marathon is up to scratch? Well, wonder no more!

Hey there, future top performers! 🌟

We've crunched the numbers, sifted through nearly half a million calls, and it is safe to say, we have some pretty interesting insights for you SDRs...

The Numbers Game

First off, let's talk activity levels. Our data shows a stark difference between the dialling habits of underperforming, average, and high-performing SDRs. If you're dialling under 200 times a week and wondering why the meetings aren't rolling in, we've found your starting point. 📈

The Goldilocks Zone

Average performers hit the sweet spot with 400-500 dials, turning those calls into 20-40 qualifying conversations and bagging 3-5 meetings. Not too shabby, right? But the highflyers? They're dialling up a storm with 400-600 dials, leading to 30-60 conversations and booking 5+ meetings a week. Now it is obviously not as simple as more dials = more meetings but hitting an optimum number of dials will significantly increase your chances of success.

What Sets the Highflyers Apart?

It's not just about dialling more. High performers have a few tricks up their sleeves…

  • Masterful time management
  • Leveraging tech to cut down manual tasks
  • A killer call script that they can adapt for each call
  • Using top-notch data to make each call count

The Sweet Spot

And if you're wondering how many dials a day hits the EngageTech Sweet Spot, it's between 50-120. That's the magic number where quality and quantity blend like the perfect morning coffee. ☕

Top Tips to Dial Up Your Game

Ready to ramp up those numbers? Here's how:

  • Time block your call periods
  • Automate where possible
  • Hone that call script
  • And most importantly, invest in quality data

Feeling inspired to dial smarter, not harder? Jump into our SDR Benchmarking Calculator to see how your dialling strategy measures up, and don't forget to download the full EngageTech SDR Cold Calling Benchmarking Report - 2024 for all the juicy details. Let's turn those dials into deals! 🚀


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