SDR Benchmarking Calculator

SDR Benchmarking Calculator: Measure your SDR performance

Are you looking to benchmark your performance as an SDR? Dive into our extensive analysis of almost half a million outbound calls to see how you stack up. Use our intuitive SDR Benchmarking Calculator to compare your dials per day, qualifying conversations, and meetings booked against industry standards.

Cold calling is hard work, make no mistake. However, when done well, it remains an incredibly effective channel for generating sales pipeline.

Georgia Kirwan
Head of Sales Dev

Use our benchmarking calculator to gauge your outbound cold calling effectiveness. Compare your results against our comprehensive analysis of half a million dials.

Unlock insights and access our detailed SDR Cold Calling Benchmarking Report to refine your strategies.

The SDR Cold Calling Benchmarking calculator explained:

Here at EngageTech, within the Outsourced SDR Services arm of our business, we have over 100 SDRs at any one time around the world prospecting into B2B technology buyers on behalf of 50+ clients, primarily via cold calling.

On average, our SDRs make over 50,000 dials weekly, leading to thousands of conversations and hundreds of booked meetings, creating substantial pipeline opportunities for our clients. 

Extrapolate that out over several months and that is a LOT of dialling, conversations and meetings! A huge, proprietary dataset that we have meticulously analysed.

Key data points & definitions:

  • 469,230 dials​ analysed prospecting into IT/Technology buyers at B2B Midmarket and Enterprise organisations
  • All calls took place within 4-month period of August – November 2023​
  • 61 individual SDRs analysed​
  • Representing 57 different clients​
  • Regions covered: UK, Nordics, US, APAC
  • All dials included in the analysis are outbound, initially cold (no calling back inbound leads or working already-warm accounts)
  • A "Dial" is any connecting outbound dial by an SDR, regardless of if prospect answered the phone or not
  • A “Qualifying Conversation” is any conversation with a duration of 3 minutes or longer
  • A “Meeting” is a confirmed, scheduled meeting with the prospect as a direct result of the call

Classifying SDR performance levels:

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