SDR performance benchmarks: 500,000 dials analysed

SDR performance benchmarks: 500,000 dials analysed

We’ve been busy analysing nearly half a million(!) outbound dials by 61 SDRs representing 50+ organisations and are excited to share the results in our 2024 SDR Benchmarking Report.

The results are revealing to say the least! In the report, you’ll learn:

- How do the daily activity metrics of high performing SDRs compare to low performers?

- What is the sweet spot ratio of dials : conversations : meetings that SDRs should be aiming for?

- Why are high performing SDRs able to convert more dials into meetings?

- And a whole lot more…

Simply complete the form on the right to download the full report packed with deeper analysis, insights and recommendations on how to become a high performance SDR.

You should also check out our brand new SDR Benchmarking Calculator to see how your own SDR performance compares:

SDR Cold Calling Benchmarking Calculator

Download our report

Download our report to find out how great SDRs are achieving their numbers and where mid to low level SDR can make minor adjustments to challenge the best!

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